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Bitumen or Asphalt

Bitumen or Asphalt

Bitumen as an affiliate product of petroleum is widely used in paving and waterproof processing of airport, highway, bridge and other large construction projects. Northeast, as one of the global energy trading hub, it has huge supply and manufacture requirements on bitumen due to its stable production quality, high efficient logistics and cost effective, such as 40/50,60/70.85/100,VG10,VG20,VG30 and modified bitumen MC30, MC250, MC3000 etc.

Burjae Energy DMCC has occupied a certain share of international market due to yearly experience. Especially, we provide many kinds of flexible trading plans when we are working with China state-owned large and medium-sized construction enterprise, construction engineering company in overseas both for main contractor and subcontractor. Relying on the well known of local culture and policy, the high professional knowledge of products and well-experienced team of Burjae, bitumen trade has become one of our most completed and competitive business products.

We are sensitive to the Middle East bitumen industrial market trend, no matter on mainstream refinery production planning, maintenance planning, product features or the fluctuation in the international market, the crude oil trading trend and macro factor in economic level, all in our analysis of bitumen industrial market assessment.

According to the different order, we will make the whole processing management plan, from sample testing in laboratory, production process supervision and transportation security to sample quality spot check in batch. We will take advantage of our professional experience to make up for the inadequacy of the manufacturer, to ensure a stable supplying, standard quality and proper price thus to lower the impact of this material to minimum on project process.


1. Currently, the mainstream mode of transportation is using steel barrels, what is the safest and efficiency method?

  • As the tray will lead to waste of shipping space, remove the tray, double stack, has been proved to be the most efficient way of space utilization.

2. How to avoid the pollution problem of the container when using it?

  • Front, back, left and right sides, pad film at the bottom. Depending on the situation (e.g., if any long distance land transportation) should take different protection measures.

3. How much of the transport capacity of the container?

  • Usually using 20 feet container transport is more efficient and more acceptable for shipping company. The normal capacity specification of steel barrel is 150 kg, 180kg or 220kg. There are also bags used transportation in a few cases.

(1)150KG barrel: as for small capacity bitumen barrel, we could use 110*150kg contained into 20’ containers, the net weight will be 16.5MT.

(2)180KG barrel: use 110*180kg bitumen barrel contained into 20’ containers, total weight will be 20MT.

(3)220KG barrel: for big capacity bitumen barrel, we use body thickness of 1MM steel plate. This kind of barrel will reach the capacity of 220kg bitumen. We could put 80*220kg bitumen barrels into 20’ container, toal weight willbe 17.6MT. The bitumen net capacity is quite different with normal barrel in net capacity, height and thickness.

(4)Polymeric bag: we can also use a special plastic bag to pack bitumen, which called ‘Bitupacks’. These bitupacks is made of polymer-double layers, which could be also able to pack 800-1000kg bitumen (according to experiences data, there is a higher risk in leaking of this transportation method).