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Prime Polymer

Prime Polymer

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SABIC 沙比克 118WJ LLDPE blown film  点击下载 点击询价
SABIC 沙比克 218W 点击下载 点击询价
SABIC 沙比克 F00952 HDPE F00952 for Blown Film 点击下载 点击询价
SABIC 沙比克 P6006 HDPE P6006 for pipe 点击下载 点击询价
SABIC 沙比克 P6006AD HDPE P6006AD for pressure pipe applications. 点击下载 点击询价
SABIC 沙比克 PC1003R PC 点击下载 点击询价
SABIC 沙比克 PC2203R PC 点击下载 点击询价
SABIC 沙比克 PC22FS PC 点击下载 点击询价
SABIC 沙比克 B4660 HDPE B4660 for blow and molding 点击下载 点击询价

There is a big range of Petrochemical raw material that were born as one of the branch field of petroleum. All are highly professional filed field ranging from common plastic products in food grade to engineering plastic products.

We see Saudi Arabia’s strong petrochemical base SABIC is the leading chemical typical enterprise worldwide. There are many petrochemical enterprises that have come up as the oil industry is developing; such as Tasnee, Borouge, Basell, Marlex, Laban etc.

No matter in the developing countries or the developed countries, there is a natural demand anytime since the plastic polymers are relate to the national economy and the basic manufacturing industry. BurjAE Energy DMCC have realized that and become more and more effective in playing the bridge role between the producer and the end user of the petrochemical materials. We have noticed different client inquiries from different industrial fields and we have realized that they have less knowledge about raw material sourcing and the way the market goes even the products basic feature.

We are rich in management experience and professional knowledge. Our value is to support small or medium companies to get raw material at a more effective and low cost. To play well in the chase of petrochemical raw material in the market, there is high level demand for professional knowledge, management ability, and the analysis of the complicate demand. To adapt to the market trend, at BurjAE Energy DMCC we fully utilize our advantage of E-commerce, with non-stopping test in different E commerce strategies. Between material science and daily life, we are a bridge to solve your supply problems.