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Base Oil

Base Oil

Base oil is the main raw material of lubricating oil and engine oil, and the proportion of various types of base oil in lubricating oil is as high as 50% -90%. The lubricating oil is indispensable or essential products of automotive, machinery industry and engine products.

According to the indicators and physical properties of the base oil, it can be divided into the following categories:

GROUP I: SN150 / SN500 / SN600 / BS150
GROUP II: 150N / 500N
GROUP III: 4cst / 6cst / 8cst

The natural base oil trading is also very active in the Middle East as an important source of energy.After years of accumulation, we have established a good cooperative relationship with mainstream oil producers and traders in the Middle East, and established an internal management mechanism for market fluctuation trend, supply and demand balance, trade risk control and so on. We also maintain close communication with counterparts from South Korea, Thailand, Europe, Russia.The current scale of business has exceeded 7,000 MT / month. Our main target markets are from Asia and Africa.

We are committed to the attitude that ‘the details of the chapter to see’. For each customer orders, whatever they are long association orders, spot orders, or futures orders, we can provide the all-around support for customers from the establishment of negotiation framework,pricing model, payment and settlement, trade Financing, warehousing of goods, risk control and other.

According to the specific demands of customers, we can provide EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF and other precise price of the offer and to ensure delivery timely. We have built good relationships with SGS, GEOCHEM. Quality assurance is the principle we will always adhere to .